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2023 Toynbee First Book Workshop Competition

Applications for the 2023 Toynbee First Book Workshop Competition are now open, and we especially encourage scholars from the global south to apply. You may access the full application details here.

The Toynbee First Book Workshop Competition aims to support early career scholars in global history at a pivotal moment in their scholarly trajectory. The Toynbee Prize Foundation (TPF) will fund an annual first book manuscript/work in progress workshop with scholars specifically chosen to comment on the selected Toynbee Early Career Scholar’s project. Commenters will include esteemed global historians and scholars with broad methodological affinity, rather than simply topic experts of the sort who are customarily part of the standard peer review process at an academic press. In this way, we hope to help develop the impact and relevance of early career scholars’ projects through diverse, global perspectives. The workshop will take place online, and parts of it will be available to a wider public through the TPF website. We especially encourage academics from the Global South to apply.

Eligibility: Early career scholars with substantially complete first book manuscripts (at least 50% of the planned book) available in English on global, imperial, comparative, world, or transnational history are eligible to apply.

Application process: Please email a two-page book proposal, CV, and one chapter of the manuscript to toynbeefoundation@gmail.com by October 22, 2022.