ANZAMEMS was incorporated in Western Australia on 26 March 2002 (Reg No.: A1010247X).

Australian Business Number (ABN)
Our ABN is 32 595 701 126.

A copy of the Association’s Constitution can be downloaded here (Version effective 9 March 2018).

Diversity and Equity Statements and Guidelines
A copy of the Association’s Diversity and Equity Statement (Version effective 6 September 2016) and a copy of the Association’s Equity and Inclusivity Guidelines for ANZAMEMS Conference and Event Planners (Version effective 16 February 2018) can be found on the Diversity and Equity page of the Association’s website.

Committee and Office-Bearers (2019-20)
Profiles can be viewed by selecting a committee member’s name in the menu below.

  President   Chris Jones, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  Vice-President (Australia)   Clare Monagle, Macquarie University
  Vice-President (New Zealand)   Francis YappUniversity of Canterbury, Christchurch
  Treasurer   Peter Sherlock, University of Divinity
  Secretary   Karen Jillings, Massey University
  Associate Secretary/Treasurer   Andrew Brown, Massey University
  Parergon Editor   Susan Broomhall, The University of Western Australia
  Parergon Reviews Editor   Claire McIlroy, The University of Western Australia
  Communications Officer   Lisa Rolston, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  Committee member   Louise D’Arcens, Macquarie University
  Committee member   Charlotte-Rose Millar, The University of Queensland
  Committee member   Helen Young, Deakin University
  Postgrad representative (AUS)   Nat Cutter, The University of Melbourne
  Postgrad representative (NZ)   Megan Shaw, The University of Auckland

ANZAMEMS Membership Terms
A copy of the term-limits of the current ANZAMEMS Committee members can be downloaded here (Version effective 4 May 2020).

ANZAMEMS Sub-Committees
A copy of the current ANZAMEMS sub-committees and their membership can be downloaded here (Version effective 5 June 2020).