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ANZAMEMS Seminar 2024

Intercultural encounters and materialities in the medieval and early modern period

Arabic and Chinese ceramics in Malacca
Arabic and Chinese ceramics in Malacca

Seminar organisers: Dr Kirk Essary and A/Prof Jacqueline Van Gent (both The University of Western Australia)

Date: Tuesday 26 November 2024

Location: The University of Western Australia, Perth, WA.

This seminar will be part of the 2024 Congress of HASS to be hosted by The University of Western Australia (25–29 November 2024).

Contact: jacqueline.van.gent@uwa.edu.au

Bursaries: Available to assist with travel costs for a limited number of applicants. Accommodation (1 or 2 nights), lunch, morning and afternoon teas are also provided.

Eligibility: Current ANZAMEMS members currently enrolled in a higher degree program or within 7 years of completion of a higher degree program. Independent scholars as well as those with institutional affiliation are welcome to apply. Attendance will be capped at about 15–20 participants.

Call For Applications

The MEMS group at The University of Western Australia invites postgraduate students and ECRs to apply to present at a Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminar in late November (as part of the larger CHASS Congress). The seminar, “Intercultural encounters and materialities in the medieval and early modern period,” will explore the methodological and theoretical challenges in researching inter-cultural encounter histories for MEMS scholars. Specifically, it encourages participants to address issues relating to locating and interpreting colonial archives, cultural (mis)interpretations and translations, linking textual evidence to historical materialities, and how these historical encounters are represented today in libraries, museums, and heritage sites. Abstracts (ca 150 words) for seminar papers (20 mins duration) are now invited.

Keynote speaker and other presenters

We are fortunate to have Professor Jos Gommans of the University of Leiden as a keynote speaker for this event. Prof Gommans is a leading historian in early modern global history. His research expertise includes early modern encounter histories in South Asia as part of global interactions with Central Asia, Southeast Asia and European colonial empires. Additionally, he has published in the field of inter-religious encounters, including Iberian-Chinese-Muslim encounters. His research on early modern Dutch collections, and new theoretical approaches to early modern global collections, such that of the Dutch VOC. He was a guest curator at the exhibition “India and the Netherlands in the Age of Rembrandt” in 2019.

Other confirmed scholars to be present and/or presenting: Professor Susan Broomhall (ACU), Professor Christopher Schabel (Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes, CNRS, Paris), Assoc. Prof. Jacqueline Van Gent (UWA), Dr Arvi Wattel (UWA), Dr Susanne Meurer (UWA), Dr Kirk Essary (UWA)

How to apply

Abstracts and applications should be sent to Jacqueline Van Gent (jacqueline.van.gent@uwa.edu.au) and should include in one page:

  1. A statement of current HDR or ECR status;
  2. Proof of current ANZAMEMS membership;
  3. A statement about need/interest in this research skills training;
  4. Whether a bursary is needed to support attendance;
  5. Any other relevant statement re. career/candidate interruption that may be relevant to the application.

Abstracts and applications are due by 15 September, 2024.

Funding for this Seminar has been generously provided by ANZAMEMS, CHASS, and BEPerth.

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