ANZAMEMS is committed to supporting MEMS postgraduates and early career researchers by providing funding for specialist, intensive training seminars that can assist in their development as researchers and opportunities to network with experts and other postgraduates working in similar fields.

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 About ANZAMEMS Seminars

Formerly known as Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminars (PATS), ANZAMEMS Seminars are designed to support the academic development of postgrads and ECRS.

ANZAMEMS Seminars are offered twice annually by ANZAMEMS to support the academic development of currently enrolled higher degree by research students and early career academics (defined as persons who graduated with a doctoral award no more than five years previously). They take the form of masterclasses including seminars and workshops led by senior academic staff and practitioners in medieval and early modern studies. They may provide advanced technical or analytical skills in particular source materials or themes and /or provide professional development for students seeking an academic or related career in medieval and early modern studies

ANZAMEMS provides up to $5,000 funding for each Seminar to a total of $10,000 annually. One Seminar is held in association with the biennial ANZAMEMS Conference and is organised by the Conference Committee. For other Seminar proposals, an application round is held in June each year for the following year.

Proposals are assessed by a sub-committee of the ANZAMEMS Committee. In awarding ANZAMEMS Seminars, the Association considers how the Seminar:

a)     Creates opportunities for training in MEMS-associated skills for higher degree by research students and early career academics beyond what is normally provided by home institutions, including but not limited to technical and analytical skills and professional development 

b)     Gives HDRs and ECAs the opportunity to engage directly with internationally esteemed experts in medieval and early modern studies and with current or potential mentors and role models

c)     Enables HDRs and ECAs to attend at no cost, provided they are current members of ANZAMEMS

d)     Matches funding provided by the Association in whole or in part with institutional or other funding

e)     Ensures Seminars are held in diverse locations, with at least one Seminar held in Australia and one held in New Zealand every two years

Call for Proposals for Future ANZAMEMS Seminars

For full details about the ANZAMEMS Seminar application process please contact ANZAMEMS Executive Administer Dr Marina Gerzic at

Applications are now open for Seminars to be held in 2024 and 2025.

Download a copy of the ANZAMEMS Seminar Proposal (criteria and application form) for 2024–2025

  1. Please read the criteria above before completing the application form overleaf.
  2. Please ensure the total ANZAMEMS funding requested does not exceed $5,000.
  3. Please ensure the proposal and any attachments is no longer than four pages (single sided).
  4. Please return the proposal to Marina Gerzic, no later than 5pm (AWST) on 31 May 2024.
  5. Outcomes will be announced to all applicants in early June 2024.

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The ARC Network for Early European Research (NEER) was one of twenty-four Research Networks funded by the Australian Research Council for the period 2004-2009. The primary aim of the Network was to implement a formal framework for supporting and enhancing current Australian research into the culture and history of Europe between the fifth and early nineteenth centuries. It also aimed to foster new research and new connections between researchers, and to develop and nurture the next generation of researchers in the field and from 2005 to 2009 NEER sponsored a series of advanced training seminars aimed specifically at postgraduates and early career researchers. Known as Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminars (PATS), they were led by eminent researchers and focused on a specific interdisciplinary area or topic. Subsidies were provided to allow postgraduate students and early career researchers from across Australia and New Zealand to attend.

On the cessation of NEER as a funded entity, the PATS format was adopted by ANZAMEMS. In 2019 PATS were replaced by the ANZAMEMS Seminar format, where it continues to provide excellent training and networking opportunities for postgraduate students and early career researchers.

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Diversity and Equity Guidelines

A copy of the Association’s Equity and Inclusivity Guidelines for ANZAMEMS Conference and Event Planners (Version effective 16 February 2018) can be downloaded from the Diversity and Equity page of Association’s website.

For further information please contact the Association at

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