Medieval and Early Modern Centre: Editing in Australia


Professor Paul Eggert has recently published an article on Editing in Australia (see article), showing the breadth and depth since the nineteenth century of scholarly textual editing in this country. As Paul says, his article focuses mainly on the editing of texts in English, although at the same time he mentions in passing some non-English texts. Working in the area of European languages (Italian, French, Latin), we the undersigned, in consultation with Paul, think that it would be appropriate to write a companion piece focusing on the editing in Australia of texts in non-English European languages in order to underline the contribution to this scholarly field made by scholars working in these areas. This of course raises the question of Australian editing of texts in Asian and other non-European languages, but this might merit another article by scholars working in those areas.

We are circulating this letter in the hope of finding those who are involved in text editing or who might know others who are similarly involved (both critical and scholarly editions, including unpublished theses). We would be grateful if you could provide us with details of your work for our article and pass on this letter to others who might be interested. Regarding the work of scholars no longer with us, we would be glad if you could list them for us, as well as details of their work.
Nerida Newbigin
Margaret Sankey