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ANZAMEMS ECR/Postgraduate Reading Group:

ANZAMEMS ECR/Postgraduate Reading Group: Semester 1, 2023

Tuesday 28 February 1pm Perth 4pm Melbourne 6pm New Zealand  
Blogging: Emma Rayner (ANU) and Emily Chambers (Nottingham)
1. Compassion Session leaders: Emma Rayner (ANU) and Emily Chambers (Nottingham)   Recommended reading: Diana G. Barnes, ‘Cultures of Compassion in English, French, and Italian Literature and Music, 1300-1700’, Parergon, 39/2 (2022), pp. 1-13   Optional: Katherine Ibbett, ‘The Compassion Machine: Theories of Fellow-Feeling, 1570-1692,’ in Compassion’s Edge: Fellow-Feeling and Its Limits in Early Modern France (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017), pp. 29-59   ————————————————————
Tuesday 21 March   11am Perth 2pm Melbourne 4pm New Zealand  
Blogging: Katrina Cutcliffe (University of Southern Queensland)  
  2. Household accounts as primary sources Session leader: Emily Chambers (Nottingham)   Recommended reading: Taverner, C., & Flavin, S., ‘Food and Power in Sixteenth-Century Ireland: Studying Household Accounts from Dublin Castle’, The Historical Journal, 66/1 (2023), pp. 1-26     ————————————————————  
Tuesday 11 April 10am Perth 12pm Melbourne 2pm New Zealand  3. Representations of Crisis and Catastrophe Session leader: Emma Rayner (ANU)
Blogging: Anna- Rose Shack (University of Amsterdam)Recommended reading: Shannon Gayk and Evelyn Reynolds, ‘Forms of Catastrophe’, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 52/1 (2022), pp. 1-16   Plus one of the following (optional): Ryan Netzley, ‘Managed Catastrophe: Problem-Solving and Rhyming Couplets in the Seventeenth-Century Country House Poem’, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 52/1 (2022), pp. 147-73   Evelyn Reynolds, ‘“They Saw Mute Creation Trembling”: Forms of Catastrophe in the Old English Christ III,’ Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 52/1 (2022), pp. 41- 67 ————————————————————  
Tuesday 2 May Hour TBC      Blogging: Jenny Smith (Monash University)  4. TBC Session leader: Katrina Cutcliffe (University of Southern Queensland)    Readings TBC ————————————————————
  Tuesday 23 May 2pm Perth 4pm Melbourne 6pm New Zealand   Blogging: TBC      5. Language and Translation Session leaders: Sophie Patrick (UNE) and Gideon Brough (OU Wales)   Readings TBC


Each session will take one or two recent articles or chapters related to a certain topic/methodological approach/trend in MEMS scholarship, and feature a short presentation from an ANZAMEMS member followed by group discussion.

All readings and any updates to the schedule will be shared through the reading group’s Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qi0W8i38w0Dgwia9jJ0aDCh5OEQjpRF?usp=sharing.

Blogs: we invite blogwriters to write up a brief post (minimum 200w) for submission no later than one week after their assigned session, which will be posted on the ANZAMEMS blog and circulated in the newsletter.

Please contact the convenors with any queries and for Zoom links: Emma Rayner (ANU), emma.rayner@anu.edu.au, and Emily Chambers (University of Nottingham), emily.chambers@nottingham.ac.uk.

All ANZAMEMS members are welcome, especially postgraduates and ECRs. We look forward to discussing all things MEMS with you this semester!