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ARC-Humanities Prize submission dates postponed

The official deadline for the two ANZAMEMS-ARC Awards (Original Research and Humanities Borderlines) is approaching. However, due to the ongoing pandemic we have decided to extend the deadline until 28 February.

If you are considering submitting, please contact info@anzamems.org

ANZAMEMS–ARC Humanities Borderlines Award

The ARC Humanities and ANZAMEMS Book Prizes provide a gold open access book prize scheme exclusively tailored to ANZAMEMS members.

The ANZAMEMS–ARC Humanities Borderlines Award is aimed at promoting scholarship with particular strengths in opening up new territorial perspectives, subject-areas, or interdisciplinary methods.

The Prize consists of:
1. A book contract with ARC Humanities Press, and;
2. AUD$10,000, which is paid directly by ANZAMEMS to the Press to cover the costs of gold open access.

Entry for the 2022 ANZAMEMS–ARC Humanities Borderlines Award is now open and will close on 31 January 2022.

The selection panel for the 2022 Borderlines Award consists of Andrew Brown, Anna Henderson, Kim Phillips, Seeta Chaganti, and Chris Ocker.

More details and eligibility requirements are available

Download a copy of the publication proposal form here.

Please send all completed Award proposals to: info@anzamems.org by the above deadline.

Please direct all queries regarding the Award to: info@anzamems.org

For further information on this award please see the website.