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Access to the Index of Medieval Art Database Will Become Free on July 1, 2023

As of July 1, 2023, a paid subscription will no longer be required for access to the Index of Medieval Art database. This transition was made possible by a generous grant from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the support of the Index’s parent department of Art & Archaeology at Princeton University.

Please read more about our momentous shift to open online access in a recent blog post written by director Pamela Patton:

“Access to the Index of Medieval Art Database Will Become Free on July 1, 2023.” The Index of Medieval Art (blog). January 12, 2023. https://ima.princeton.edu/2023/01/12/access-to-the-index-of-medieval-art-database-will-become-free-on-july-1-2023/.

Currently, the Index of Medieval Art database, accessed at this link https://theindex.princeton.edu/, can be browsed through its open access lists, as well as searched with keywords. Researchers can learn more about coverage through the browse function on the database, including over twenty thousand unique terms for iconographic subjects in medieval art, and plan to attend one of their upcoming info sessions this Spring term.

Index staff also remain available for researcher questions via their online form at https://ima.princeton.edu/research-inquiries/.