Medieval Musical Tour: La Camera Delle Lacrime

The French medieval band La Camera delle Lacrime will be touring Australia for the first time from 22 July – 7 August 2018. La Camera Delle Lacrime is conducted by singer Bruno Bonhoure with stage director Khaï-dong Luong. Since 2005, innovation and the search of meaning have been two key strengths which made the unique identity of the ensemble, creating dramatic practices to highlight the musical medieval legacy and make it sound and be heard in contemporary time.

La Camera Delle Lacrime are invited by the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra to perform with them for two weeks across the country, with dates in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Famous actor David Wenham will also join us and narrate the show on stage. In 2017, we launched our fifth CD The Controversy of Karakorum. Highly successful in France, we have toured this show (alongside other programs) since then. The Controversy of Karakorum (1254) is based upon William of Rubrouck’s epic journey from France as an emissary of Louis IX or Saint Louis, to Karakorum, capital of the Mongolian Empire. Twenty years before Marco Polo, he travels to Asia, in order to convince the great Khan to join and be allied to Louis IX’s crusades. After 7 months on the road, this encounter with the great Khan and the three monotheistic religions represented in Karakorum is the origin of the night long controversy between Christians, Muslims and Buddhists, on the eve of Pentecost. Beyond the controversy, this peaceful agreement, as it was ordered to be so by the great Khan, leads to the conclusion that different paths lead to the very same God. La Camera delle Lacrime depicts this inter-religious night and journey with medieval music meeting other sacred and secular music from the Islamic and Buddhist traditions. 

The show will be performed by the usual team of La Camera delle Lacrime: viola d’art, kamanche, flutes, hurdy gurdy, pipes, oriental fiddle, medieval and suffi chants alongside the orchestra. Please find attached some links to our soundcloud and about  the program and La Camera delle Lacrime:

We are very much looking forward at meeting some medievalist fellows in Australia and would love to see you at one of our shows.