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Locke Studies makes Vols 14-16 freely accessible online

We are pleased to announce that Vols 14-16 of Locke Studies (2014-16) are now freely available on the Locke Studies website. We will be continuing to add back issues to the website as quickly as we are able to prepare them. Eventually we will have the entire series of Locke Studies and The Locke Newsletter issues digitized and freely available. We thank you for your patience as we go through the process of digitizing the back issues; we expect that it will take some time to completely digitize, proof, and copy edit the older material that does not already exist in an electronic format. Hyperlinks to each article will be added to the entries in the Locke Bibliography as they are published online.

2017 Issue of Locke Studies

The 2017 issue is currently being printed and subscribers should expect to receive their copies in the near future. The table of contents is available via the website, but the PDFs of the articles will not be made available until Jan 2019. Beginning with the 2018 issue, all new content will be open access immediately upon publication. Here is the table of contents for the forthcoming 2017 issue of Locke Studies:

Recent Publications, pp. 5-38

Locke’s Orthography and the Dating of his Writings, pp. 39-47

A Puzzle in the Print History of Locke’s Essay, pp. 49-60

Locke’s Ontology of Relations, pp. 61-86

Locke on Individuation and Kinds, pp. 87-116

Toland and Locke in the Leibniz-Burnett Correspondence, pp. 117-141

Shaftesbury, Locke, and their Revolutionary Letter?, pp. 143-171

Locke and Hate Speech Law: A Critical Review, pp. 173-196

Locke’s Political Theology and the ‘Second Treatise’, pp. 197-232

Locke and the Churchill Catalogue Revisited, pp. 233-241

Call for Reviewers and Submissions

One of the advantages of moving to an open-access, electronic format is that we can expand our offerings of book reviews. We can now offer timely, desktop delivery of reviews of new works of interest to Lockeans. To receive notification of all new publications within Locke Studies, please register as a “reader” on the Locke Studies website. The aim is to rival the Notre Dame Philosophical Review in publishing high-quality reviews of interesting new books ranging across the entirety of Locke Studies’ wide ambit within four months of their publication. For now, we will be going back 6-9 months and building the pipeline of commissioned reviews. Individuals interested in writing book reviews for us should register as “reviewers” on the Locke Studies website, making sure to indicate your areas of expertise and interests. Authors and publishers wishing to make books of interest to Lockeans available for review can send materials to: Editor, Locke Studies / Department of Philosophy / 3130 Stevenson Hall / The University of Western Ontario / 1151 Richmond St. / London, ON N6A 5B8 / Canada.

We are seeking high-quality submissions on any aspect of Locke’s thought or his intellectual milieu and the thought of his contemporaries, broadly construed, for the 2018 issue of Locke Studies. Submissions may be made through the portal on the journal’s website. We are glad to receive original articles and scholarship as well as shorter discussion notes and research queries detailing archival finds, interesting points about Locke or Locke scholarship, or news of recent publication or ongoing research projects of interest to Lockeans. Shorter discussion notes and research queries are published via The John Locke Society blog and immediately disseminated via our social media as non-peer-reviewed publications. A list of all such publications will appear annually in Locke Studies.