Special Collections, University of Otago Upcoming Activities

Two activities coming out of Special Collections, University of Otago.

Online link to the very successful Martin Luther and the Reformation exhibition, held earlier this year. What was exciting was the fact that most of the materials for the exhibition came from holdings within Special Collections, especially the Shoults Collection. As we like fostering collegiality, thanks to the Hewitson Theological Library, Knox College, and Prof. Peter Matheson (Theology and Religion) for supplementing the display with their own books.

The link:
500 years on. Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation …
500 years on. Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Online exhibition, University of Otago Library, Dunedin, New Zealand

The second is a link via OUR Archive to an inventory of Middle Eastern and Islamic books and manuscripts held at Special Collections. Again, most are from the Shoults Collection, and again there is collegiality. The inventory highlights a manuscript held at the Heritage Collection, Dunedin Public Library. Dr Daneshgar is now at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and he has almost completed a census of Middle Eastern and Islamic manuscripts throughout New Zealand. It will be a useful resource.

The link:

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