The Gothic Ivories Project – Now Online

The Gothic Ivories Project was launched in October 2008 at the Courtauld Institute of Art. It consists of an online database of ivory sculptures made in Western Europe ca. 1200-ca. 1530, as well as neo-Gothic pieces.

This online resource allows wide-ranging searches on iconography, provenance, origin, post-medieval repairs and replacements, modern forgeries, and many other aspects. It is possible to view in one place images and detailed information on over 5,000 items scattered in over 400 collections around the world. The focus of the Project is on objects made in Europe dating from c. 1200-c. 1530 (excluding Embriachi work), and modern imitations. Please note that the mission of the Gothic Ivories Project is to compile published information and scholarly opinion on the objects, not to emit a judgement on them.

Over 400 institutions in 27 different countries are now on board. Among them are some key collections such as The State Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg, the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden, the Museo e Tesoro del Duomo di Monza, but also many small and little known collections, such as that of Oscott College, near Birmingham, or of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

Nearly all these collections are available online: the website now contains 5113 entries, illustrated with 14233 images.

This resource is fully accessible online to researchers, students, and the wider community, thus providing an invaluable tool for the study of these objects.

The Gothic Ivories Project website: