Daily Archives: 4 February 2024

CFP: Cultural History of Monarchy

The editorial team for Bloomsburyʼs Cultural History of Monarchy welcome proposals for the six volumes in their collection. Of particular interest to ANZAMEMS membership will be the volumes on the Medieval Age, the Early Modern Era, and the Long 18th Century.

Note that this call is different to a normal edited collection where authors propose topics on varied subjects which relate specifically to their research. Instead, the editors are looking for proposals from authors who are interested in writing one of the specific chapters in one of the particular volumes of the series. Each volume will contain chapters under the headings:

Conceptualizing Monarchy
Rites, Ritual and Ceremonial
Religious, Intellectual and Cultural Patronage
Place and Space
Image and Representation
Intradynastic, Imperial and International Networks
Court, Counsel and Community
Legacy: Funerary Culture, Memorialization and Myth-Making

For further details on the project, including how to submit a proposal, please see the below pdf.