Folger Institute Short-term Fellowships

The application deadline for 2019-2020 Short-term Fellowships with the Folger Institute in Washington, D.C. is fast approaching, with applications due 1 March, 2019.

Each year, the Folger awards approximately forty-five short-term fellowships. Fellowships support scholars in residence for one to three months at US$2,500 per month for up to US$7,500.

The Folger supports research on all aspects of British and European literary, cultural, political, religious, theatrical, and social history from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries, and on British and American performance and theatre studies from the fifteenth century through to the present day. In addition to its well-known Shakespeare collections, other highlights of the Folger’s holdings include: a nineteenth-century costume collection; seventeenth-century French political pamphlets; early modern works on political philosophy; rare books and manuscripts on the “new worlds” of the early Americas; eighteenth-century lampoons and satires; an early modern manuscript recipe collection; twentieth-century promptbooks and theatre ephemera; and rare books and manuscripts on the early modern histories of science, technology, and medicine.

Fellowships fund a range of projects. Folger fellows join together to create a high-powered, multidisciplinary community of scholars, who come from different fields but who share cognate interests in literature and history, art and performance, philosophy, religion, and politics. We welcome applications from artists, archivists, curators, independent scholars, and librarians, as well as faculty of any status, as long as they hold the terminal degree in their field.

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Deadline for Short-term Fellowships is 1 March, 2019.