Latin and Greek summer schools

LATIN SUMMER SCHOOL, 14-18 January 2019, Hobart

This is the twenty-fifth annual Hobart Latin Summer School. The emphasis is on reading Medieval and Ecclesiastical Latin, including patristics and poetry, both religious and secular.  Some prior experience highly recommended.  

GREEK SUMMER SCHOOL, 21-25 January 2019, Hobart

Continuing the work of the past two summers, we shall read excerpts from one of the Gospels and one of the Epistles. Beginners willing to work hard on basic grammar between now and January could join the course.


Both a ‘boot camp’ for beginners and a rich reading party for the more advanced, but with free interchange between the two streams. The goal is to examine two millennia of Roman and Italian culture – art as well as literature – through the medium of the Latin Language which is common to the whole tradition. We shall reads pieces by the major writers of the Classical Canon and by their successors in Medieval and Renaissance times. Genres will include Epic Poetry, Oratory, Philosophy and History.

For more details including costs, see or please contact David Daintree

Dr David Daintree
Director, Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies