English-Speaking Union (Victorian Branch) – Old English online course

The English-Speaking Union (Victorian Branch) is an Australian educational and cultural charity founded in 1919. Our aim is to promote co-operation and understanding among the English-speaking peoples.
Our interest in the English language includes fostering the rich linguistic and cultural heritage that is embedded in Modern English, of which Old English plays such a central part.
The teaching of Old English in Australian universities has a long history. In recent years, however, the academic teaching of Old English in Australia has become increasingly attenuated.
Our organisation is therefore developing an online course in Old English. We believe we have the expertise, together with a preliminary level of funding, to be able to take advantage of the latest advances in computer-based education so as to promote Old English in a dynamic way.
We therefore invite Expressions of Interest from individuals or teams with specialised knowledge of the Old English language and with relevant experience in education, curriculum design and course development. Our Project Brief is available on application from the address below.
The Expression of Interest should respond to the Project Brief and include:
* Name(s) of consultant(s)
* Details of qualifications and relevant experience
* Familiarity with “Course Builder” (or similar software for constructing an online course), and willingness to work with an IT specialist to create the 24-lesson project
* Ability to develop the project in accordance with the ESU’s vision for the course
* Proposed approach and timeline for the work
* Business information including consultant’s full contact details, ABN (if an Australian business) and professional insurances
* Quotation of fee, and the basis for setting the fee
The Expression of Interest should be submitted as an attachment to an email, and sent to: admin@esuvic.org.au