II Dialogues around Early Medieval Ages – Call for Papers




For 8 and 9 March 2018 will take place the II Dialogues around Early Medieval Ages (4th-11st centuries): «Fall and rise of the power structures» in Geography and History Faculty of Complutense University of Madrid, seminar organized within the formative activities of the program of Doctorate in History and Archaeology – Medieval History investigation line of the above college.

Same as the previous edition, the objective of this colloquium is again specialists in Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Ages can share their researches in a congress organized in discussion tables, for exchange common or divergent impressions (with a clear enriching end) about how, during the transition stage between ancient and medieval words, the different power structures wavered in the social, politic, economic, religious and cultural system.

So we call for participation proposals both those that are doing actually their thesis and recent PhDs, as well as all interest in the thematic independently of their academic grade; opened not only for Complutense attached, but to rest of national and international universities.

In correspondence, to this interuniversitary character, they have fit all versed in any brunch inside the Humanities (historians, art historians, philologists, philosophers, archaeologies, arabists, etc.).

We pretend this seminar would be a dialogue, discussion and debate space around the imbalances produced after the Western Roman Empire’s end and the promotion of Germanic and Islamic words, along with the multiple answers that different Mediterranean and European power groups yielded to that events, lest obtain a global outlook and observe continuity or rupture processes.

By last, we’ll stimulate dialogue and coexistence spaces articulated around social plans alien to academic area with the porpoise of cement a series of personal and professional relationship in a distended environment.


  Have place all the proposals that adjusts to the thematic and chronologic framework, between commonly is known as Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages (4th-11st centuries), both in Mediterranean and European ambit.
  Inside new interdisciplinary methodologies, they can take part specialists in History, Science and Technique, Art History, Philosophy, Philology, Literature, Archaeology and Geography, Anthropology and Sociology, Arabism and Islamism, Byzantinism, Theology, etc.
  Papers will impart individually, although the authority will be able to be collective.
  Advisably the language will be Spanish, in order to promote more fluid debates; however, a priori, any idiom will be good received.

To participate simply write an email to <dialogosaltaedadmediaucm@gmail.com> before 15 December 2017, sending a Word document indicating the proposal title, name and surname, university affiliation, these director/s (if they would be), a short curriculum of no more of one page, contact e-mail, the abstract of maximum 150 words in single space and three key words. Each intervention will take less than 20 minutes.

Anyone who want participate like assistant, must let known to the Organization sending an e-mail to <dialogosaltaedadmediaucm@gmail.com> indicating their name and surname, a contact e-mail and their desire of assist in person.