Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe – Call For Papers

Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe

Edited by Lisa Hopkins and Aidan Norrie

The editors invite chapters of c. 7000 words for an edited collection called Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe. We are interested primarily in historical rather than fictional women, but also welcome discussion of the treatment of historical women in early modern writing and drama. Topics might include (but are not limited to) women whose geographical location is in some way marginal; women in liminal positions and situations; women whose marital status was uncertain or ambiguous; women with mental health issues; women waiting to see if they would or might inherit land or titles; divorced women; women whose status shifted throughout their lives; or women who were neither maid, widow, nor wife.

We are interested in producing a volume that covers Europe geographically, so essays on women outside Western Europe are particularly encouraged. However, as we are interested in women on the ‘edge,’ we do not anticipate including essays on well-known queens regnant or queens regent.

Please send abstracts of c. 250 words to both Lisa Hopkins (L.M.Hopkins@shu.ac.uk) and Aidan Norrie (aidannorrie@gmail.com) by Monday 1 May 2017. Completed essays of approximately 7000 words will be due by Friday 1 December 2017.