State Library of NSW – CH Currey Memorial, Nancy Keesing , and Australian Religious History Fellowships – Call For Applications

The State Library of NSW fellowships are prestigious and aim to support and foster writing, research and study. They provide money, a room and behind-the-scenes access to Library staff. Research topics have ranged from early colonisation of Australia through to investigations of contemporary life.

Applications for the following fellowships open 22 August, 2016 and will close 19 September, 2016.

For full information about heach fellowship, including how to apply, please visit:

CH Currey Memorial Fellowship

The CH Currey Memorial Fellowship is for the writing of Australian history from original sources, preferably making use of the resources of the State Library of NSW.

Nancy Keesing Fellowship

The Nancy Keesing Fellowship, is for research into any aspect of Australian life and culture using the resources of the State Library of NSW.

Australian Religious History Fellowship

The Australian Religious History Fellowship is for the study and research of any aspect of Australian religious history of any faith. The successful fellow will be based at the State Library of NSW, and is expected to be based there, although it is understood that it may be necessary to also work within other institutions and archives, and use resources outside the Library. With the Australian Religious History Fellowship, it is understood that the successful fellow will more than likely need to consult archives and records outside the Library. However it is expected that the fellow will use the Library’s resources to a significant degree.