Local Bibliography: ‘The Deepening Steam’ – Call For Papers

Local Bibliography – ‘The Deepening Steam’
BSANZ 2016
University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
21-23 November, 2016

Since 1769, streams of print artefacts, manuscripts, images and ephemera have proliferated across Australasia, like a shingle river bed, braided from “many streams, although divided and widely separated” (Holcroft, 1940). These show no signs of abating.

BSANZ 2016 invites scholars to consider the printed word, the book, and texts of all kinds on the micro-scale of the community, examining communities of readers, of writers, of the book and of print.

We invite proposals particularly linked to the topics below, although papers on any matters of bibliographical interest, traditional and contemporary, are also welcome:

  • Local and regional printers and publishers and their networks
  • Speciality and independent book stores – their history and the communities they serve
  • Local and regional press – newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, almanacs
  • Print and online publications and ephemera of counter-culture, grass roots and activist movements
  • Authors and illustrators
  • Indigenous printing and indigenous languages in print
  • Local, regional and national book clubs
  • DIY publication, ‘zines and comics

The bibliographical and book historical community in Australia and New Zealand – past, present and future

A one-page proposal and a brief biography of the author, including full name, professional designation (professor, librarian, graduate student, etc) and institutional affiliation or place, should be submitted to kparsons@waikato.ac.nz. Those invited to present papers must be members of the society. The deadline for submissions is Friday 19 May, 2016.