Department of Medieval Studies – CEU Budapest

The Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University (Budapest) offers two-year MA and PhD programs, coordinated with the Bologna process requirements and accredited in Hungary (and accepted throughout Europe) as well as in the US; and a one-year MA accredited in the United States. You can find further details at:

CEU offers full or partial tuition waivers and various other types of financial support on a competitive basis. For an update on recent policies please visit:

The Department, together with the department of History, hosts numerous research units, among them the Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (, the Center for Religious Studies (, the Jewish Studies Program (, and offers a number of specializations like: the Specialization in Religious Studies (SRS), Specialization in Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Jewish Studies Specialization (JSS), the Political Thoughts etc. For a complete list of specializations please check the departmental website from November onwards. In order to render the work of students more effective, the Source Language Teaching Group offers Latin and Greek courses and on demand Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Armenian, Old Georgian, Syriac, Russian, Ottoman, Turkish, Old Church Slavonic and Persian.

The new two-year interdisciplinary and interdepartmental MA program in Cultural Heritage Studies ( is coordinated by the department but offered together with other CEU units such as the Departments of History, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Environmental Sciences and Policy, and Legal Studies and Public Policy, plus the CEU Business School. It focuses on developing aptitudes for the critical assessment of tangible structures and objects such as buildings, monuments, and works of art, as well as intangible heritage like traditions, languages, and knowledge (see also the attached flyer of the program).

The department also participates in the international ERASMUS exchange program, which offers a 3-12 month long study abroad for PHD and two-year MA students and an internship for the one-year MA students. For more information please visit:

For undergraduate students who are interested in the program CEU organizes an interdisciplinary conference on Empire and Nations between August 6 and 9, 2015. For more information please visit

You can also get a glimpse of their activities through the Medieval Studies Department’s CEU Medieval Radio (, which is a twenty-four-hour webcast dedicated to medieval and early modern history and culture, as well as pre-1700 music. CEU Medieval Radio is web-casting interviews, talk shows, and lectures by resident and guest scholars and is devoted to authentic medieval and Renaissance music.