HuNI – Now Online

A new platform for humanities and creative arts research, HuNI (pronounced honey) has recently launched.

Located at HuNI (Humanities Networked Infrastructure) is the result of a massive three-year, multi-million dollar collective effort led by Deakin Uni in which a consortium of thirteen Australian universities and cultural organisations worked collaboratively with eResearch agencies to design a new digital door to Australian cultural information.

The HuNI platform collects and provides access to digitised information from over 30 significant cultural collections (e.g. AustLit, AusStage, CAARP, Design and Art Australia online, Circus Oz, Australian Dictionary of Biography, Australian Media History Database) which have contributed more than a million items to HuNI. But it also enables researchers to do a great deal more.

HuNI also allows people to combine, collect and connect cultural knowledge through an innovative technology application. HuNI encourages collaboration in the humanities and creative arts by allowing researchers to discover, share, and find new ways to use and re-use cultural knowledge. By encouraging creativity, imagination and a greater appreciation of our shared history, HuNI aims to transform Australia through culture.

You can see some aspects of HuNI’s contribution to online research in the humanities and creative arts in this short info-video:

Six Degrees of HuNI Competition (with prizes!)

Aware of the enormous value of HuNI as an online information and educational resource, the HuNI team is launching a competition at a nationwide level that encourages researchers to discover, share and create with Australia’s cultural heritage through HuNI.

The competition will remain open until 28 November. The HuNI jury will select up to three outstanding entries.

The competition rules and regulations can be found, together with all other relevant information on

For any further information please contact Alwyn Davidson at: