Committee Member

Professor Louise D’Arcens
Macquarie University

Louise D’Arcens is Professor in the Department of English at Macquarie University. She is Leader of the Macquarie University node of the Centre for the History of Emotions, and is current Equity Officer and Engagement Officer for ANZAMEMS. Her publications include the books Old Songs in the Timeless Land: Medievalism in Australian Literature 1840–1910 (2011), Comic Medievalism: Laughing at the Middle Ages (2014), World Medievalism: The Middle Ages in Global Textual Cultures (forthcoming 2021) and the edited volumes The Cambridge Companion to Medievalism (2016), International Medievalism and Popular Culture (2014), and Maistresse of My Wit: Medieval Women, Modern Scholars (2004). 

Louise D’Arcens was elected to the committee in 2019.

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