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Sydney University (SSSHARC) Medieval Event

SSSHARC Gilbert Fellow Professor Mariken Teeuwen discusses how digital methods reveal hidden evidence in the marginalia of early medieval manuscripts.

4pm – 6pm
Wednesday 27 July 2022
Nelson Meers Foundation Auditorium
Chau Chak Wing Museum
University of Sydney

‘Practices of Annotating in Medieval Manuscripts’
This lecture will discuss how evidence in the margins of early medieval manuscripts has remained hidden for all but a very select group of researchers, and how it, now that more and more manuscripts are digitized and published in virtual libraries, has become a freely accessible source to peek into the mind of the medieval teacher/student/reader/user of books.

Professor Mariken Teeuwen (Leiden University / Huygens Institute, Netherlands) is a scholar of early medieval textuality whose work has centred on traditions of commentary, marginalia and annotation largely in the Carolingian era, dealing with such figures as Martianus Capella, and John Scottus Eriugena. She currently leads eCodicesNL, a project sponsored by the Dutch Royal Academy comprising a digital repository of medieval manuscripts in Dutch collections.

Chair: A/Professor Mark Byron (English, University of Sydney)

RSVP: this is an in-person event (so please register) but we hope to record the lecture for those who are unable to attend.

Online registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/practices-of-annotating-in-medieval-manuscripts-tickets-383816083237

For more information please contact sssharc.research@sydney.edu.au or mark.byron@sydney.edu.au