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Boydell & Brewer’s Medieval Clothing and Textiles Annuals

Medieval Clothing and Textiles is a new collection containing the entire catalogue of Boydell & Brewer’s market-leading Medieval Clothing and Textiles annuals.

This rich interdisciplinary collection is the only opportunity to access the series in a single, cross-searchable online package, made available as part of the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies digital hub.

Content Highlights
• 16 annuals from Medieval Clothing and Textiles, with a 17th coming in Spring 2023
• The series features multiple examinations of specic clothing items—from wimples and tippets, to hoopskirts, capes, and headdresses
• Contains studies in the weaving, embroidering, and exporting of clothing and textiles around Medieval Europe

Features and Benefits for Research and Learning
• Broad scope—the articles offer in-depth studies that cover a broad geographical scope and a range of periods, from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance
• Popular subject coverage—topics include masculinity, the history of women, religious clothing, and the representation of clothing and textiles in literature, tapestries, and art
• Annual Updates—a new annual will be added every year, ensuring access to the most up-to-date research in this vibrant field

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